Nazar Loun was born in Lviv, Ukraine. Currently lives in Philadelphia PA. He has been an artist
and a filmmaker for over 20 years. He expresses himself through filmmaking, collage,
installation art, sculpture, photography, mosaic, painting and steampunk art. He graduated from
Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Film and a minor in sculpture. Nazar
started making “Dimensional art” as he calls it in early 2013 for himself. He started after finding
an old comic book collection he had from childhood and realizing they were not really rare or
valuable but the art in them was mind blowing and filled him with nostalgia. So he decided to
make his first 3D collage or Dimensional art piece. His friends, liking comic book culture as well,
started asking him to make one for them, or as a gift for their friends, sometimes to even
collage a whole room. So since then one by one he has sold over 200 pieces worldwide. His
work can be seen in Doctors offices, Comic book fans collections, game rooms, "man caves",
coffee shoppes, comic book shoppes and art galleries.